Poem for Bent Bars #1

March 7, 2021

A few months back, one of our outside penpals wrote to us to say that her inside penpal had passed away whilst in prison. She mentioned that she and her penpal used to swap poems during their friendship, and so she wrote a poem for him, which she has generously allowed us to share.

Poem for Bent Bars #1

By Flora

I filled out a yellow questionnaire

Sent it off to who knows where(well, to the Bent Bars PO Box)

Sent it off, and near forgot

I’d asked

(as several months had passed)

To swap letters with a so-called sinner.

It ended after Christmas dinner.

It started August Oh-Nineteen,

Our friendship is a two-year dream.

It was my pleasure to be matched

With he who spewed graffiti-facts

With a man who knew his rap,

And opened up to outside pacts,

Admitted all, moved by the past,

Would rectify in ways that last.

He sent clippings, tv listings,

Blue paper by the ream.

He sent me every letter,

No friend better under

Lizzie’s pleasure, yet it

Ended suddenly.


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