Bent Bars Holiday Mailout 2020

Dec 13, 2020 2:00 PM
Dec 13, 2020 4:00 PM

Bent Bars Holiday Mailout

Every year, we send out a holiday card to all prisoners on our mailing list.  We know that being in prison over the holiday period can be especially lonely and difficult, so we like to send a special mailout to let people inside know that we are thinking of them.

We usually do this communally, as a public event. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus restrictions, we're unable to meet in person this year. However, members of the collective will still be sending out cards to everyone on our inside penpal list, to ensure they receive something over the holiday period.

If you'd like to support us, please consider making a donation to Bent Bars to help cover the cost of cards, stamps and envelopes. Or you can send us some stamps, which we always really appreciate!

We look forward to holding the 2021 mailout as usual - and hopefully we'll see some of you there!